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wallpaper liner

Duvar kağıdı fabrikası için duvar astar kağıdı

Duvar astarımız duvar kağıdı fabrikaları ve yapı malzemeleri distribütörleri için benzersiz işlevsellik ve organizasyon sunar. Yüksek kaliteli malzemelerden yapılmış olan duvar kağıdının minimalist ve şık tasarımı hem pratiklik hem de estetik koleksiyonu yükseltir. Breezy Fiber astar kağıt üreticisi pürüzsüz boyanabilir duvar kağıdı gömlekleri, termal duvar gömlekleri, şaft duvar gömlekleri, ağır duvar astarı astar kağıdı, garaj duvar gömlekleri, duş duvar gömlekleri, duvar kağıdı fabrikaları ve dekorasyon malzemesi satıcıları için vb. Kağıt maliyeti ve astar kağıt fiyatı hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için, havadar lif ile irtibata geçmekten çekinmeyinDokuma olmayan kumaş kağıdıÜretici. Breezy duvar astarı ile stil ve organizasyonun mükemmel kombinasyonunu yaşayın.

Astar kağıt fiyatı

Specification of Wall Liner For Wallpaper

SeriesSurface conditionBasis WeightThicknessWidthRoll DiameterCore DiameterOptions
NL/NM/NHUncoated/Gloss75g/m²-150/m²150um-400um1000mm-1100mm1100mm70mm; 76mm; 152mm

Flame retardant;

Mold proof;

Long fiber;
Fiber diameter

What Is The Difference Between Wallpaper And Wall Liner For Wallpaper?

Wallpaper and wall liner paper are both used to cover walls, but there are some key differences between the two.

Wallpaper is a decorative covering that is applied directly to the wall surface. It comes in various designs, patterns, and textures, and is often used to add visual interest and personal style to a space. Wallpaper can be made of paper, vinyl, fabric, or other materials, and it is typically adhered using adhesive.

Wall liner paper, on the other hand, is a plain, solid-colored material that is used as a base layer or primer for the wall. Wall liner paper is thicker and more durable than wallpaper and is designed to create a smooth, even surface for application. Wall liner paper can help hide imperfections in the wall, improve the adhesion of wallpaper, and provide a more professional finish.

How Do You Apply Wall Liner For Wallpaper?

Applying wall liner paper involves several steps:

1. Prep the walls: Clean the walls thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. Repair any cracks or holes and ensure the surface is smooth and dry.

2. Measure and cut: Measure the height and width of the wall, adding a few inches for overlap. Using a sharp utility knife, cut the wallpaper liner to the correct size.

3. Apply adhesive: Apply a wall liner paper adhesive or paste to the back of the wallpaper liner, following the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to cover the entire surface evenly.

4. Hang the wallpaper liner: Starting from the top, carefully position the non woven wall liner onto the wall, aligning it with the edges. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles using a wall liner paper smoother or a clean cloth.

5. Trim and repeat: Trim any excess wallpaper liner at the top and bottom. Repeat the process for each section, ensuring a tight fit and smooth surface.

6. Allow drying time: Allow the non woven wall liner wallpaper to dry completely before applying any wallpaper or paint onto it.

Note: Always refer to the specific instructions provided with the wall liner wallpaper and adhesive for best results and safety precautions.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Wallpaper Liner

  • Enhanced Durability: Heavy duty wall liner is specifically designed to withstand high levels of wear and tear. The heavy duty wallpaper liner is made from thicker and more robust non-woven fabric paper, providing superior strength and durability. This makes it ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic or are prone to damage, such as hallways, commercial spaces, or homes with active children or pets.

  • Improved Wall Protection: Heavy duty wall liner acts as a protective barrier for the underlying wall surface. The heavy duty wallpaper liner helps to prevent scratches, dents, and other forms of damage that can occur from furniture, artwork, or accidental impacts. By adding an extra layer of protection, heavy duty wallpaper liner helps to extend the lifespan of the walls and reduces the need for frequent repairs or repainting.

  • Enhanced Soundproofing: Heavy duty wall liner has excellent sound-absorbing properties. The heavy duty wall liner paper helps to reduce noise transmission between rooms, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment. This is particularly beneficial in shared spaces, such as apartments, offices, or hotels, where privacy and noise control are important considerations.

  • Easy to Install and Remove: Despite heavy duty wall liner lining paper's heavy-duty nature, this type of wall liner is typically designed for easy installation. The heavy duty wall liner lining paper can be applied using standard wallpaper adhesive or paste, and its thicker construction makes it more forgiving when it comes to concealing imperfections on the wall surface. 

Custom Wall Liner Paper

Breezy is a leading manufacturer of custom wall liner paper, specializing in heavy duty wall liner lining paper and smooth paintable wallpaper liners. Our heavy duty lining paper and smooth paintable wallpaper liners are designed to provide a flawless, ready-to-paint surface, ensuring a professional finish for any interior space. As a reputable lining paper manufacturer, we use high-quality materials that offer durability and ease of application. Our wall liner paper is perfect for covering imperfections on walls and creating a uniform surface for painting. Whether you’re a wallpaper factory or building materials distributor, Breezy’s custom wall liner paper provides the perfect solution for your wall preparation needs. Choose Breezy lining paper manufacturer for superior quality and exceptional results.

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Daha fazla bilgi için profesyonel Fiber malzeme tedarikçisine talep

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